Key FOB Access control

  • Individualized access control using key-FOB technology
  • Individualized access control using smartphone
  • Visitor management using application
  • Automatic door scheduler
  • Lockdown control
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Control who enters your office.

Access control is crucial for protecting physical assets, facilities, and people. Yet it is above all enabling technology – helping people to go where they need to go, and do what they need to do, while keeping the organization safe and secure with a minimal management effort.

LiftMaster Access Control

Electromagnetic Locks

Rosslare’s surface mounted, high-quality electromagnetic locks are built from corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and are ideal for access-restricted applications like office buildings, hospitals, and airports. Enhanced by a built-in voltage spike suppressor and no residual magnetism, Rosslare electromagnetic locks are compatible with EN and UL standards, and feature different types of brackets and housings to suit any mounting conditions.

AY-K35 Multi-Smart™ Reader

The AY-K35 features multi-technology and OSDP secure channel communication to bring more versatility, scalability and security to physical access control – without the need to replace existing credentials. The reader is now more protected than ever. It is dust and water resistant, including vandal proof and anti-microbial properties to reduce the risk of contamination while increasing physical access control security.

MIFARE Classic

Rosslare’s MIFARE Classic and Sector readers are market-proven and ideal for almost any application. Offering maximum reliability, attractive design and excellent price-performance. Our MIFARE Classic Sector and CSN readers are available in various forms, configurations and designs – allowing users to choose exactly what they need without compromise on either form or functionality. The Sector series of readers provide a higher level of security than the standard MIFARE reader, enhancing the security of Credentials of your systems while still keeping costs in check.